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Sunken fishing vessel raised from Kitamaat Village docks

Terrace, BC, Canada / CFNR Network

The Canadian Coast Guard says a fishing vessel that sank at the Kitamaat Village docks last week has been towed to Prince Rupert after a clean-up operation.

The Zodiac Light, a 65 foot fishing vessel, was reported sunk last Monday, February 13.

Members of the Haisla Nation were first on scene and used coast guard gear to boom off and secure the vessel.

The Canadian Coast Guard says the quick actions of the Haisla saw a small amount of oil escape the boomed off area.

Officials say 11 barrels of fuel were recovered along with 54 saturated spill pads from the inside the booms.

Cleanup of the area was completed Saturday. Crews from Wainwright Marine Services raised the fishing craft and refloated it before towing it to Prince Rupert Sunday.

The oil and waste were transported to Prince Rupert for disposal.